Uploading data from a .CSV

If you have a lot of events, people, or sponsors to enter, you can save time by uploading data from a .csv via our new .CSV import tool.*  

Look for the .csv button on the bottom left of People, Sponsor, Schedule, and Multi-Track Pages.  

To ensure the smoothest experience, download one of the templates enclosed here.


Some notes on how to have the smoothest experience with this feature:

1. Make sure the file you are uploading from is a .csv (to save an excel file as a .csv, just hit save as and choose .csv for the format).

2. Make sure date format is mm/dd/yyyy and time format is hh:mm AM/PM

3. If you are using a People or Sponsor template and want to include photos, make sure the URL is something that is publicly accessible (e.g. if you past the link into an incognito browser, you can see it)

* This is a feature currently in BETA available to all users. Please note that when this feature is in general release, it may only be available in certain plans. 

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